The experience gained in the sector by Oram, in the sale and assistance of motorcycle clothing, made it possible to create a service entirely dedicated to the care and maintenance of jackets, trousers, leather suits, gore-tex and fabric.

Our internal laboratory is completely dedicated to this service, thus providing the highest possible quality, our experts will follow the procedure step-by-step in order to avoid unnecessary errors or waste of resources.

Motorcycle clothing cleaning service in detail

The service dedicated to cleaning and care of clothing uses the following steps:

  • External cleaning, removal of midges and impurities with specific products for leather and fabric, washing is carried out completely dry;
  • Pore opening, we restore breathability to summer suits and jackets by opening the aged pores;
  • Internal sanitation, through the use of a filtered 100 ° vaporetto;
  • Natural drying, indoors and protected from dust and external agents;
  • Skin care and treatment, with protective cream that gives the skin the necessary fats and nourishment to maintain itself over time. The cream also gives a hydro and oil repellent effect;
  • Storage of clothing, in a dry place until withdrawal.

Each item of clothing taken over will be provided with the sheet prepared for the control of the processing, in this way we ensure that each phase is respected in order of execution and with precision.

The cost of the motorcycle leather treatment

 Leather and perforated leather both aniline and pigmented




External cleaning
Pore opening (if perforated)
Internal sanitation
Natural drying
Electronic drying, with hot air
Skin care and treatment
Preservation of clothing until collection
Postal shipping includednonono

The cost of the fabric, breathable and waterproof treatment

(fabric, nylon, cordura)

 Textile jackets and trousers
 Fabrics and CorduraGore-Tex, D-Dry and H2Out



External cleaning
Pore opening (if perforated)
Internal sanitation
Natural drying
Electronic drying, with hot airX
Skin care and treatmentXX
Preservation of clothing until collection
Postal shipping includednono

Cleaning and sanitizing of motorcycle helmets

There is also a sanitation and cleaning service for motorcycle helmets, of every brand and model.

 Motorcycle Jet, Integral and Modular Helmets


Quick external cleaning from midges and external agents
Internal removals and preparation
Sanitation of the interior with neutral soap
Electric drying with hot air jet Capit
Retention until customer pickup
Postal shipping includedno

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