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The story of Oram begins in 1982 when the two owners, Mauro and Giuliana, decide to start their adventure in the world of motorcycle clothing and accessories.

Since then we have been dressing motorcyclists of all types. Our experience is the result of years of work, dedication and passion for two wheels.

In 2012 we started the online sale, paid off with great success by the many satisfied customers.

Oram Today

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To date, Oram has two stores in Modena: the Oram Showroom, in via Emilia Est 935 and the Oram Affari outlet in via Toscanini 19. In addition to the two stores, in 2013 the web department was born completely dedicated to ecommerce, photography and video shooting: Oram Web. Our Web agency takes care of and creates all the contents of the group, including the videos of the YouTube channel, the photos and the information that enrich this ecommerce site.

Right on this site, Oramonline.it, a service dedicated to motorcycle accessories called PerLaTuaMoto is active, you can find it on the homepage.

The Web World

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We pay particular attention to web content: our YouTube channel has more than 800 videos including reviews and showcases, 20,000 growing subscribers and 3 million views, various collaborations with other motorcyclists, travelers, influencers and youtubers.

You can find our official accounts on all major Social Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GooglePlus and Pinterest

The staff

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The Oram staff is made up of the best professionals in the sector, equipped with professional preparation to be able to follow and advise the customer in a technical and detailed way. The motorcycle sector requires great passion and competence; for this reason almost all of the staff is made up of motorcyclists. Visit the staff page to discover the whole team!

The future

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We are motorcyclists: we don't like to stop for a long time. This is why we are constantly looking for the new and the best. Do you have any suggestions for us? Do you want to work with us? Visit the page contact us!

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